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Looks like my forum account was deleted through inactivity! Are you guys still on Miller?
Just signed in to say hi; what's up!? :3
new map on test server right now: [link]
They all appear to be looking in different directions and doing different things, so it could be real
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Outcasters are Recruiting

hillfort a posted May 22, 14
We are a long-standing Planetside Outfit first formed in 2003 for Planetside 1. We reformed in Planetside 2 in 2012 and played through tech test and beta.

We are now looking to build up our strength again and are looking for new recruits for teamplay, kills and general fun.

The type of person we are looking for is a teamplayer, 16 years old or greater (no upper limit) and someone who wants to cooperate to the overall effectiveness of the Empire!

If you are new to the Planetside world that's no problem, you can simply run with the squad or we can advise and show you the ropes and show you how thing are done in PS2. New players are welcomed.

Teamspeak is mandatory and as far as other requirements from us is concerned that's about it.

We often partner with Ruffnex who are a German speaking outfit and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

So if you think you may have what it takes please register here. On our forums there is a 'Recruitment' subform with a thread to ask questions and a introductions thread if you decide you want to join.
CatsCrib Dear hillfort 12/6/2014 i would like to join OC.I have bean playing PS2 for about 1 mounth and a week. I have TS3.I play ...
The latest Nanite Systems vehicle just hit Auraxis! The Valkyrie is a fast attack gunship that can hold a pilot, front gunner and two rumble seats on either side.

Planetside 1 is now free-to-play, with a working download link to boot

We mentioned t'other day that the first Planetside had been made free-to-play as part of SOE's all-encompassing (sorta) All Access subscription program, but at that time SOE had apparently melted under the strain, so we couldn't fling a download link in your direction. Now we can. Look at it there, all hyperlinked and lovely. You'll need 1.8 of your finest gigabytes to download the setup file - a tolerance for 2003 textures will probably help as well.

The Reddit post that discovered the download link - thanks, Redditor SaucyAndroid! - has a few players underneath complaining of not being able to connect, so there still might be a few problems with the relaunched Planetside, but it certainly seems to be in a better state than the inoperable one it was in a few days ago.

The influx is coming.
It's been three months since PlanetSide 2 started updating once every week, if you don't count one update that was pushed back simply because it wasn't quite ready. As creative director Matt Higby put it to me at this year's PAX East, the schedule comes second to making sure that every update is the best it can be. But it's still been quite a ride, and it means that the game has kept up a schedule that's astonishingly fast.

More than a year out from launch, Higby has a lot to say about the game's development process as well as the updates it's already undergone. It's not an unmitigated success story, but it's filled with a lot of lessons and improvements. And like any MMO, the game's development is far from finished. In PlanetSide 2's case, it's a complex process that requires supporting new players, veterans, casual gamers, and professional gaming, sometimes in unconventional fashions.
Sony Online Entertainment is working on a new MMO called H1Z1 for PC and PS4. The game is expected to head into its Early Access phase very soon, and the whole concept of the game is basically DayZ trying to get hocked up on steroids.

So GameTalk Live.TV managed to get some actual hands-on time with H1Z1, the post-apocalyptic zombie survival title, during the Everquest Next event in January. They had to keep their lips shut, their eyes from being shifty and their fingers from typing out anything even remotely related to H1Z1 after getting their hands on some exclusive footage of the game in its early alpha build.

However, you can check out the footage of the game below.

SOE president John Smedley seems super excited about the game and I can see why.
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